Thursday, December 9, 2010

S-K-Y-P-E...What does that spell?..SKYPE! :)

So I just finished coaching cheerleading (hence my title lol) and was just doing a little homework when I decided to log into my igoogle for a break. I decided to look at the professional blogs since I hadn't in a few days. I started reading over some and Dr. Z Reflects caught my eye yet again. It was talking about Skype, and I personally LOVE using it. ( Yes I just yelled love at you, because that is how much I love it lol) I always talk to other people and when discussing my future classroom, I tell people that I would love to incorporate Skype into my future classroom. Dr. Z's blog informed me that Skype is creating a something called Skype in the Classroom. Ta Da!! I can see this being very beneficial since it will be a place where you can find other classrooms who are wanting to Skype with other classrooms. Since I really do not know that many people in that many other parts of the country/world who teach, this will be amazingly beneficial. I am looking forward to hearing more from Dr. Z as well as looking into it more next semester when I will be student teaching. Hopefully, they will be further along with it then. Yay SKYPE :)

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